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Implementation Summary:

Affinity will sell our production line and distribution will occurs in select stores throughout North America, The Caribbean and Latin America.  Marketing will be based on wholesale in-store promotion as well as packing concepts.  These marketing will be tied directly to Sales and Promotion.

Affinity has identified several key dates, known as milestones. These milestones are important events that must take place by a certain date. Several of these events will transpire prior to the first day of production, such as the incorporation process and the contract negotiation. Other events, like materials and equipment purchases, will take place when production starts.

Affinity International Furniture Mission:

Affinity will strive for quality in its production and shipping process.  We intend to create based on reputation and credibility.  Our strategy is to use diverse marketing methods to reach a large segment of the population.  To offer what we feel is a valuable asset to its client base.  A fine selection of our furniture from custom order to high volume accounts.


Value Position

Research has not yet discovered a direct competitor for Affinity. The purpose of our product gives it added value by distinct and useful qualities each of which can stand on its own in the marketplace. The ability to paint and customize the look of this product will appeal to crafter, while the beauty of it without the paint will appeal to those looking strictly for functionality. Because some of the products can be shipped unassembled, space and stacking on the retail shelves will become less of an issue than similar, bulky products.

Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge is our product's unique and functional value, with traditional high-quality furniture workmanship. Affinity production can create comfort and utility, while also displaying the aesthetic beauty of a finely crafted decorative wood. The market is flooded with examples of cheap furniture with limited durability and eye appeal. Affinity Products are ideal, but can also function as value-added for those who enjoy the fine products.

Key to Success

We can't sell if we aren't visible to the buyer/agent or Rep. Efficiency in shipping and production; minimal waste will be  a large part of our success. Flexibility and adaptability; Our furniture is designed in detail, so when they offer new ideas, we will listen. Thinking outside the box; we will not limit ourselves to a single concept. New opportunities will present themselves and we must watch for, and be open to, them. Creation of the nationwide representative network will deliver company expectation and build and maintain credible reputation for Affinity.


Affinity is not covered by any patents or trademarks.  This is an industry that any one with a small workshop could duplicate, so patents would not be feasible or necessary.  The success of Affinity will depend on the reasonable price gained from buying material in bulk and mass production. Product assembly requires no special knowledge, having been designed for ease and consistency.  The material involved allows for extensive decoration and modification by the customer, creating the possibility of bulk sales to customized items.  Finally, it is the design which truly enhances the product demand.  
Since Affinity has no direct competitors, indirect competition will have to be address.  Because of the nature of the product, other furniture manufacture products must be examined.  High end quality furniture comes in many different styles and functions, giving us many indirect competitors.  By narrowing the search down to those most commonly found in the in/outdoor furniture currently beeing sold in the area.  Typically these are no brand name items, but products that the retail outlet has either manufacutred or bought in bulk with their own logo.  Thses items tend to be less expensive and easier to store.  They are not a durable as Affinity.  They can be personalized by the customer, or ordered in bulk by the distributor.

About us

Affinity International Furniture is the sales and marketing division of several leading Indonesian furniture manufactures.  The product line has already been introduced worldwide and is now expanding its horizons to be selectively sold throughout North America, the Caribbean, and  Latin America Regions.  AIF is a leading factory direct wholesaler/distributor specializing in both indoor and outdoor furniture.  

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Affinity International
555 Sun Valley Drive., Ste C-2
Roswell, G 30076
770-518-2822 (fax)
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